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Wealth Management Oversight™ is a revolutionary approach and a set of web-based decision tools that will allow you (your client’s most trusted advisor) to objectively oversee the development of and ultimately the preservation of your client’s wealth. All while improving the profitability of each of your client relationships and bettering your client engagement.

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Your Competition

Unfortunately, super bowl ads aired by your digital competitors effectively paint the picture that your only value proposition rests in the preparation of tax returns. Obviously, that’s not the case but your clients are seeing the ads and they are compelling.

Improving your client engagement by reinstalling you as the key advisor in your client relationships is critical not only in defending your practice against your digital competitors but critical in defending your clients as well.

Conflicts Threaten Your Clients

Let's face it, the inherent conflicts of interest that permeate the financial services industry have reached an epidemic level and, in this return compressed environment, these conflicts are now threatening your client's lifestyle. Your clients are constantly preyed upon by salespeople disguised as financial advisors. These so called 'advisors' claim the products they sell solve problems for your clients while coincidently resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in fees and commissions.

Here’s the Solution...

You alone have the power and perhaps even the obligation to right this ship for your clients. And in doing so, you reinstall yourself as the key advisor to your clients. An essential element in the reinvigoration of and the profit expansion of your practice.


Through technology you become the center of your client’s life while exponentially increasing your profitability. This in turn enhances the value of your practice. Value you can extract one day to fund your eventual retirement.


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